Important Notice

In 2013, we experienced a major website crash. As of August 26, 2013, we are fixing this issue, and in the meantime we have placed back up a template from a former version of the website. We will be updating the site over the coming weeks.

Welcome... the online community of the People of God in the Italo-Greek Orthodox Church in the Americas and Canada!

The very existence of this site reminds us that even as marvelous new technologies change the way we live and interconnect, the Gospel remains vibrant and adaptable to every new culture and lifestyle. Even as some look to technology to solve the world's problems, God uses the same technology to make Himself known and call us again to the wonders of His love. Wondrous and amazing are the works of humanity, but how much more wondrous and glorious are the works of God!

This website represents a community of faith which has been in existence since 1902, when the first Orthodox Christians of Sicilian ethnic heritage settled in Philadelphia, PA.

This site is designed to assist you with your questions and inquiries concerning the Orthodox Christian Faith and the Italo-Greek Orthodox Church. Here you will find information that can help you learn more about what we believe as Orthodox Christians, how we practice our faith, as well as about the ministries, programs and services which are offered throughout the Italo-Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of the Americas and Canada.

Our Archdiocese serves all Italo-Greek Orthodox Christians living in the United States, South America, Canada and the United States Protectorates and embraces and welcomes all people, regardless of ethnic background, who seek Christ with a sincere heart. 

We welcome into our community all those who desire to embrace the Christian Faith handed down to us by the Apostles and by our forefathers and foremothers throughout the centuries. Come and experience more than 2000 years of unbroken tradition and faith - a faith Orthodox but not Jewish; Catholic but not Roman; Evangelical but not Protestant. A Faith non-denominational but rather pre-denominational. An ancient faith, but relevant and vibrant still, in which God continues to reveal Himself to us and draw us to Himself.

We hope you find this website informative, helpful and enriching. We will be continuously improving and adding to the site so please visit us often!

Yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Archbishop Stephen
Bishop of Utica
Metropolitan of the Americas and Canada of the Italo-Greeks
Archbishop of Siracusa and of All Sicily and Southern Italy
Primate of the Italo-Greek Orthodox Church

WANTED: A Few Good Men, Women and Children!

If you have an interest in the Orthodox Church or have questions about the Orthodox Faith, check out our new Powerpoint Presentation for Inquirers. Simply click on the link below and discover Christianity's best kept secret!

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